When not working on print projects, I enjoy creating WordPress websites for non-profits and small businesses. I have the design and technical skills to get you started on a do-it-yourself WordPress site, or I’ll build it from start to finish.

living yoga
Not just a yoga studio, but a community wellness center that offers services in the healing arts, Living Yoga wanted to update their website to a modern and upbeat look with a scrollable home page. We chose a theme by Theme Trust for its scrollable home page, large, cheery font and layout with an emphasis on photos.

manitou springs art academy
Made for kids, large and small, older and younger Manitou Springs Art Academy integrates theatre, movement, visual art, music, film and mixes it up! They needed a playful, colorful look that would attract the kindergarten family as well as the high school student. We achieved that balance with the help of a colorful graphic, great photos and the Studio.London WordPress theme.

The roofing industry is known for scams. To counter that reputation, the owner of Northern Lights wants an honest, straight-forward design with a focus on imagery so prospective clients understand the services he provides. StudioPress themes on a Genesis platform is a great choice for larger WordPress sites that require more security constant updating. This Website is a work in progress

lynda block
Lynda Block helps children, adolescents and adults identify learning disabilities so that they can receive the services they need. Lynda wanted a simple, one-page website. We liked Hipster WordPress theme for it’s modern, friendly, colorful look and large typeface.

Lynn Pollard is an expert in leadership development and executive coaching. Her clients live in the world of business, yet her work is personal in nature. Lynn wanted a website with a business look and a warm, personal touch. Deborah Beebe achieved that with photography of business clients and fun, bright colors. This website uses Studio.London WordPress theme.

tom the book guy
Tom the Book Guy buys used books and resells them on eBay and Amazon. I helped him get started with server space and Studio.London WordPress theme. From there a talented staff member, Patrick Reinhardt, took over and loaded all the content and design.

media visions
Michelle Bergen creates media plans and buys for national, regional and local clients. Her company, Media Visions, services large and small businesses with a personal touch. Her look, developed by Deborah Beebe, is both approachable and professional. Logo by Deborah Beebe, and WordPress theme by Studio.London, customized by me.

dan drayer
Dan Drayer has always been interested in what makes people tick. For his “it’s Like This” series, he sets up a placard with a question in a local coffee shop and talks with anyone who wants to share a story. The conversations are short, personal, and illuminating. Logo by Deborah Beebe, and WordPress theme by GoodSpace, customized by me.

Risa Aqua is a watercolorist and calligrapher who creates personal artwork for special occasions. After considering several website designs, we decided to let her colorful, inventive artwork set the look of her site. Once the Studio London portfolio theme was customized and loaded on her server, Risa was able to upload the artwork herself.

Julia Koeppe Architects designs single-family custom homes in the Denver area. Julie wanted her unique signature logo and striking photos to drive the look of the site. I used Velvet, a minimalist WordPress themetheme, and customized it to work with her artwork.

vibe color consulting
Kristen Leu at Vibe Color Consulting had a great logo but after two years of being in business, she still did not have a website. In order to get her website up quickly we used a theme I know well, Angular portfolio theme, and we kept the content simple and focused on the portfolio features.

Deborah Beebe at db2design specializes in brand and logo design for print collateral. Her design solutions follow the db2design dictum, “creativity without clutter”, and the Angular portfolio theme suits Deborah’s simple and bold look beautifully.

Marilyn J. Hill gently nudges individuals and families to grow and change and become their best selves. Marilyn needed a website but had no branding. Denver-based designer Deborah Beebe created a cheerful aspen motif for her. Using the Angular theme I customized the colors and fonts to work with her new look.

Maria Teresa Prendergast is writing a book on the travels of four women in 1949 post-war Europe. Maria uses, a WordPress blog, to communicate with the travelers and their families, and to document any research for the book. The blog uses Genesis framework with Eleven40 child theme by Studiopress.

risaaqua, a WordPress blog, provides an efficient way for my bookclub to communicate and keep track of books and meetings details. The blog uses Ink, a theme by ThemeTrust.

sos approach to feeding
Dr. Kay Toomey is a pediatric psychologist and developer of SOS Approach to Feeding, a highly effective therapy used to treat children with feeding problems. The therapy is so effective, in fact, that she became a popular conference speaker and needed a way to post her speaking schedule quickly. We used bright colors and photos from her collection to establish her look, appealing to the pediatric community.

It was the year 2011 and Parzival Shield Waldorf Preschool Kindergarten still did not have a website. In the interest of getting an affordable site up quickly Parzival Shield chose WordPress technology. The serif font, earthly colors and photos of children reflect the warmth and caring of the Waldorf teaching approach.

Manitos (“Little Hands”) is a charity dedicated to aiding children with cancer in Paraguay. The Website was designed by Claire Bigelow Nalley in honor of her daughter, Emily Bigelow Nalley, who died of complications from lymphoma in 2006. I adapted her loving design to a WordPress blog, which Claire uses for communicating with her donors.

Friends of DSA Orchestra is a public school orchestra that depends on contributions for its survival. I created this site with parents in mind. The prominent photos pull at their heartstrings, and the simple structure makes the site easy to navigate and update. This traditional HTML site was built as a project at Red Rocks Community College, and the design is heavily influenced by Khoi Vinh, design director of

frame studios
Allen Hill is the owner of Frame Studios LLC. I created this flash site to display a set of striking photographs he took of his Denver neighborhood.

kate knits bags
Kate Knits Bags in earthy colors, embellishes them a colorful flourish, and gifts them to her friends. I had fun creating this simple site using her “K” logo and Kate’s favorite colors.